“Never saw results before Pilates.”

I have been taking private Pilates for one year, 3 times a week with Adrianne.  I have never felt better longer, leaner, and stronger.  I have exercised my entire life and never saw results before Pilates. Adrianne is smart and knows the entire body - every muscle and joint. I feel safe and supported in every session.

~  Linda

“Feel good for days after a session.”

I started working with Adrianne a couple of years ago for help recovering from a hip injury.  I quickly discovered that Adrianne is wise beyond her years.   Not only has she helped me maintain my hip alignment, but she has helped me improve my posture and strength.  Through her guidance, I take better care of myself for good long-term orthopedic health.  


I always get a great work out and feel good for days after a session – as if I have had a massage.   I referred my husband and friend to her and they have had similar experiences with Adrianne.   We are all HUGE fans!

~ Kathryn

“Stronger, taller, aligned, and rejuvenated.”

My husband and I have weekly duet classes with Adrianne. She is absolutely excellent! Extremely knowledgable about Pilates, but also about the body and its complexities. I have a serious back issue that makes me wary and protective; never have I had this level of trust in an instructor. She understands our issues, listens with great care both to our words and to our bodies, and designs our sessions accordingly.


I always come away from the sessions feeling stronger, taller, aligned, and rejuvenated. I look forward to these sessions all week long. 

~ Robert


“Every session is tailored to our specific needs.”

I've been living with chronic pains for 15 years due to a back injury and I've tried everything imaginable for the pain (PT, massage, acupuncture, yoga, pain meds) but found only minimal or temporary relief. I started with Adrianne at Westside Pilates 6 months ago and for the first time I feel like I'm actually going to learn how to become pain free!


I love Westside Pilates. It has a warm and inviting atmosphere with caring and professional instructors. Adrianne is fantastic. Her knowledge of the body is excellent and she knows exactly what you can do and what you should be doing. She is creative in her approach so that the time goes by quickly. For someone like me who doesn't enjoy most exercises, I really look forward to my workout with Adrianne who makes it fun and varied. It is more than just a workout session; it is a time to catch-up on our lives and the world. Adrianne is an incredible businesswoman and runs the place smoothly, efficiently, and compassionately. Since I have been seeing Adrianne, I am stronger and more limber. I have learned a lot about the body. I highly recommend Westside Pilates. You'll love it.

~ Andrea

I have been taking private Pilates for one year 3 times a week with Adrienne.  I have never felt better longer leaner and stronger.  I have exercised my e tire life and really saw results before. Adrienne is smart and knows the entire body every musclejoint none etc. I feel safe and in great hands with her

- Linda

I had knee surgery at 15, my kneecap used to pop out. The surgery was very extreme and painful, but after one long year of physical therapy I could do almost everything. Fast forward eighteen years later, when I was thirty three I started experiencing extreme pain in my knee. I went to an orthopedist who said that my cartilage was worn off and I would have to get cortisone shots and then eventually I would have to have knee replacement surgery. For a thirty three year old very active woman this was devastating. I decided to go and see a sports medicine orthopedic doctor, when he saw me he said: "yes the cartilage is worn out but with some pilates you should be fine." So I took his advise and I have been practicing twice a week Pilates for the last fifteen years and thank G-d I have been great. At Westside Pilates I have found a great instructor who is aware of my issues and tailor makes  the session specially for me. They are very knowledgeable, kind and have your best interest at heart.


I take weekly duet class with a perfectly matched partner who has similar issues.  Every session is tailored to our specific needs and modifications are always offered if needed.  The hands on attention is teaching me how to work through my trouble spots in a healthy and productive way with a perfect mix of tough love and encouragement.


The studio is clean, well lit, well maintained, and a beautiful space to  work on getting stronger and healthier. I always leave feeling better than when I walked in and although I have a long way to go on my personal journey I feel extremely confident that Adrianne and LIC Pilates will get me there. 

~ Deb


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